Our Team: 

Kelly “Elizardbreath Clark” Petersen learned her craft from a resident in the Alzheimer’s care unit she worked in, as an aide. “Alice” taught her the beginnings of how to crochet, and then her disease overtook her before they could finish the blanket. She has taken Alice’s knowledge and kept it alive.

Kelly: Lovingly call LizardBreath by her big brother and family for decades – her name is inspired by “For Better or For Worse” comics that our mom always shared.

Kelly is a yearly visitor to Kauai. She travels back and forth as often as she can, but her heart remains on Kauai.  She and her big brother Paul collect shells and create design ideas . Then Kelly further designs and labors for many hours on unique one of a kind creations.  Each piece is handmade and many are made with sustainable shells from Kauai.  The shells we use are also used in Hawaiian culture. They are collected either dead or used the animals to feed our family.  Mahalo!

Kelly gives. “In an effort to spread love and caring, I keep many warm handmade hats in my car, during the winter months here in KY, to give to the homeless that I see and to children who’s families are struggling to survive.”

“I am inspired by the beauty of Kauai. The current designs are inspired by the sunset over the beautiful ocean, and the vibrance of Kauai’s people.”

She imbues each piece with love and healing and peace – ALOHA. “I think of these things as I work, so that my energy and love are woven into each chain.”

Basic Shawl Prices: Large = $200, Medium = $150-175, Small (cape or wrap) = $125

Mandala Altar Piece with Kupe’e Shells = $300, Kupe’e Shell Leis =$150

On Kauai We deliver! Everywhere else we ship USPS flat rate for $10

The pictures below are current and we can also create any color scheme you like!

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